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I went out to the forest and caught, 100,000 fireflies…

Firefly and Lies
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Firefly & Lies
Hello, and welcome to Firefly a Lies, a simple Graphics Community for icons, journal layouts, profile layouts, et cetera. Technically this is the community where I, Mavray, come to post all of my own graphics, but some time in the future other LJ users may join and contribute to updates. Most of the graphics here will be in the theme of Harry Potter, but different anime, TV series, Movies, Video Games, Actors, Models, Singers, Composers, etc. will be regularly seen as well.

Now, as with all Graphic Communities, there are some (perhaps obvious) rules:
1. No hotlinking.
2. Credit any icons you may take.
3. Textureless/textless images here are not bases.

That's about all. Comments are greatly appreciated, just so you know. I hope you enjoy looking at the community, and I hope you find what your looking for.

MavrayAbandoned FireThat Party